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Filling Warehouse Jobs In Chicago

Did you realize that Chicagoland has more warehouse space – half a billion square feet – than almost any other city in the world?

That’s partly because Chicago is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. But it’s also because of the city’s location. It’s the only hub where all of the nation’s Class I railroads cross paths, with nearly 50% of America’s rail freight coming through Chicago. Almost half of the nation’s population is two days or less away from Chicago by long-haul truck. And the city is the #1 container port in the Western Hemisphere. The goods that pass through Chicago each year are valued at nearly a trillion dollars.

That much freight and shipping requires an enormous number of workers, and one warehouse workers’ organization says there are more than 150,000 warehouse employees in the Chicago area.

Where do you find that many qualified workers? Through a reliable staffing company like Quality Labor Services.

Why Use a Warehouse Staffing Service?

It’s hard enough for companies to recruit, hire and administer a permanent white-collar workforce, particularly with laws and other human resources concerns that didn’t exist in the previous century. It’s even tougher to recruit, hire and administer a largely-blue collar workforce, often ethnically and culturally diverse, which is subject to regular turnover. Seasonal fluctuations that drastically affect staffing needs can make warehouse personnel management a nightmare.

An all-in-one warehouse staffing service like Quality Labor Services takes all of those burdens off your hands.

As one of the largest employment services in the Chicagoland area, QLS interviews and vets a constant flow of applicants for warehouse and other industrial jobs. You don’t have to worry about where and how to advertise for workers, interviewing a flood of unqualified job-seekers or sorting through resumes, references and government documents. QLS does all that work for you and only sends you warehouse employees who are qualified and completely trustworthy, whether it’s for permanent or temporary work.

Quality Labor Services does a lot more than just hiring. They handle employee administration and payroll responsibilities as well, relieving your human resources and payroll departments of that extra work. Warehouses operate 24 hours a day and so does QLS, with staffing managers available at any hour to assist with any issues or needs.

And the QLS value-added program provides many more services to your company, including an on-site manager responsible for training, managing, evaluating, scheduling and even handling discipline for all of the warehouse workers employed at your facility under the QLS hiring umbrella.

Operating a warehouse is a tough job. Calling a high-level Chicago staffing agency like Quality Labor Services makes it easier.

Finding Work Through a Warehouse Staffing Service

Those searching for warehouse jobs can face a long slog visiting dozens or hundreds of warehouses asking for work, or searching for newspaper or online ads that often lead nowhere.

A major staffing organization like Quality Labor Services, though, has established relationships with many of the largest warehouse operators throughout the Chicago area. QLS knows who’s hiring and what positions they have available, and can often interview, vet and place workers within just days. Those relationships also make it easy for job-seekers to find short-term employment, if desired.

Matching warehouse workers with warehouses is what QLS does. Contacting them is the right move for both employees and those looking for work.