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How To Fill – And Find – Forklift Jobs In Chicago

Forklift drivers are essential personnel in any warehouse. After all, those crates, boxes and heavy loads don’t move themselves.

To an outsider, it would seem easy to drive around on a forklift at slow speeds while moving a few controls. That’s not the reality of the job, though. Forklifts themselves are large and dangerous; there’s also some heavy manual labor involved to get many loads on and off the equipment, while the environment can be extremely hot (or extremely cold) and filled with exhaust, deafening noise or even harmful materials. In fact, the government classifies forklift operator as a “hazardous occupation.”

Warehouses need lots of skilled forklift operators – but where do you find large numbers of people qualified to do this arduous job?

Smart managers and CEOs ask companies like Quality Labor Services to do it for them.

Finding Workers Without Doing a Lot of Work

Smaller firms without dedicated personnel departments often struggle with the chore of recruitment and screening, because no one really wants to do it. And much of the work that’s involved is tedious even for human resource specialists at big companies: finding the right places to advertise, screening out all of the unqualified job-seekers who are simply wasting everyone’s time by applying, checking references and doing skills testing.

The work is even tougher when trying to find forklift drivers, because the job requires a combination of strength, dexterity and common sense – as well as special operator and safety certification that must be reissued every three years, one more requirement that places a burden on the employer.

Warehouse staffing specialists, such as Quality Labor Services, are able to relieve your company of those hiring, training and certification burdens. QLS has a large pool of applicants looking for forklift jobs and will fully screen and vet them for you, whether you need full-time, part-time or seasonal drivers. It gets even better, too. QLS handles the payroll and other employment details for you, so all you have to do is describe your needs and put the employees to work. And if you opt for the value-added program, you even get an on-site personnel manager to take care of any personnel issue that may arise.

For warehouse operations that need forklift drivers, Quality Labor Services provides another extraordinary benefit: on-site forklift certification, conducted by an experienced OHSA-certified trainer with years of experience. Companies facing the need to hire forklift operators can get the entire package, with just one phone call.

Careers as a Forklift Driver

Submitting applications to warehouse staffing companies like Quality Labor Services is the perfect way to start and end a job search successfully, since their clients are always searching for responsible and physically fit employees to fill forklift jobs. Because training and certification is administered by QLS no prior experience as a forklift driver is needed to apply for one of these positions, although previous work in a warehouse or material moving setting is a definite plus.

As one of the largest and most experienced warehouse staffing companies in the Chicago area, Quality Labor Services can help you find a rewarding job as a forklift operator – or help you fill openings for forklift driver positions at your warehouse.


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