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Why Businesses Should Use Quality Labor Services For Staffing

Anyone who’s ever run a business knows there’s never enough time. There’s barely enough time to finish all of the daily tasks required to keep things running, let alone get a little ahead of schedule, or strategize and plan for the future. Time may be the single most valuable commodity any business could wish for.

Then why would a company waste time on advertising, interviewing, vetting and hiring lower-level employees, or administering and managing them once they’re hired?

A smart company wouldn’t. It would use the services of a high-quality staffing agency to take all of that time-consuming work off their hands, in order to be able to concentrate on everything else that must be done. And a smart company in the Greater Chicago area would use the services of Quality Labor Services.

The Quality Labor Services Advantage

When you work with Quality Labor Services you won’t be alone; QLS is the top provider of hospitality and light industrial workers in all of Chicagoland. That means QLS has the largest pool of applicants to choose from, with more being recruited and coming through the door every day. No matter what your personnel needs might be, Quality Labor Services either has workers ready to go, or can find them immediately.

All of those potential employees are interviewed, screened and put through rigorous skills testing, so the workers who walk through your door will meet all of your requirements and be ready to go on day one. And our staffing managers are available 24/7 to deal with any needs or issues you may have with the employees we send.

No other Chicago area staffing company can provide the same level of service.

The Benefits of Using Quality Labor Services

You already know that using Quality Labor Services to supply hospitality or industrial workers in the Chicago area will save you time. It will also save you money. Here are a few examples of the benefits you’ll realize.

  • Human Resources: Your HR department will be freed of the constant burden of filling the many lower-level positions at your company, since QLS does all the recruiting, screening and testing, and takes care of employee administration and payroll responsibilities. This gives your dedicated HR staff the time they need to focus on managers and long-term employees. It will also ease your advertising and recruitment budget dramatically, save on the huge cost of providing benefits and dealing with unemployment claims (since they’re our employees and not yours, we take care of those annoying details), and may even add to your bottom line by letting you cut the size of your HR department.
  • Training: Most hotels, restaurants and industrial facilities spend an inordinate amount of time and money on training employees, particularly since service and factory workers often turn over rapidly. Quality Labor Services does all of that work for you, and will relieve you of that tremendous obligation and cost while training employees to your exact specifications.
  • Flexibility: Industrial and hospitality businesses often deal with seasonal or intermittent demand, requiring temporary or part-time workers throughout the year. QLS maintains a large pool of temporary employees ready to work, taking the burden of finding part-timers off your hands.

Quality Labor Services also offers a value-added program which provides your company with an on-site employee manager to manage, evaluate and discipline workers in real time. How much time and money would you save if you didn’t have to give any thought whatsoever to the majority of your workforce, but let QLS do it all for you?


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