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When You Need High-Quality Hospitality Staff – Quality Has You Covered.

Quality Hotel Staffing thoroughly vets all applicants, and only offers your business the best, most qualified and trustworthy staff.

What Is Hospitality Staffing?

No industry has more personnel turnover than the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants and resorts are constantly searching for qualified employees to fill openings, meet seasonal demands or provide additional levels of service.

Quality Hotel Staffing specializes in providing short- and long-term hospitality staffing solutions. We have an enormous roster of the experienced and qualified servers and captains, housekeepers and housemen, dishwashers, maids, custodians and other employees you need to keep your business running at its peak, whether it’s for normal operations or staffing emergencies.

Why Use Quality for Hospitality Staffing?

Quality Hotel Staffing has built a sterling reputation as the area’s premier source of hospitality positions. That means we have a larger pool of quality hotel workers, ready to fill any position at a moment’s notice, than any simple “employment” agency can offer. And we don’t accept just anyone. All prospective workers are carefully vetted, and if they pass all tests they’re placed in positions that ensure success for both employees and clients.


All applicants are required to participate in a personal interview, to verify their skill and expertise as well as their education and industry knowledge.

Internal Checks

Quality Hotel Staffing ensures that staff members are matched to the right companies, based on key profile indicators and our proprietary evaluation system.

When Do You Need Hospitality Staff?

The demand for hotel rooms and hospitality services ebbs and flows with the seasons, special occasions and other unpredictable events. As a result, a hotel’s staffing needs fluctuate constantly. You may need additional workers for the summer, for large group bookings, or when favorable word-of-mouth spreads after a PR or advertising campaign. Hotels also regularly must fill positions left vacant by unexpected resignations or terminations, medical leaves or other unplanned reasons, and hire new workers when services are expanded.

Many hospitality operators also prefer to add full-time, part-time or temporary workers without being required to recruit, interview, test, train or administer them. Quality Hotel Staffing can provide all of those services, allowing management to concentrate on growing their business instead of wasting their time on staffing issues.

For any and all hospitality positions and situations, Quality has you covered.

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