Industrial Staff

When You Need High-Quality Industrial Staff – QLS Has You Covered.

Quality Labor Services thoroughly vets all applicants, and only offers your business the best, most qualified and trustworthy staff.

What Is Industrial Staffing?

Industry built modern-day America. And today, tens of millions of skilled workers continue to form the backbone of our country’s crucial manufacturing, transportation and maintenance operations.

At QLS, we provide short- and long-term industrial staffing solutions. We can supply the qualified and trained machine operators, warehouse and shipping employees, technicians, supervisors and other blue-collar workers you need to keep your business operating at peak efficiency 365 days a year.

Why QLS for Industrial Staffing?

We are much more than an employment agency. Our size and reputation means we have a larger and higher-quality applicant pool than any other staffing service. We then carefully vet every applicant, determine the positions for which they are qualified, and place them with the clients who can best utilize their strengths.


All applicants are required to participate in a personal interview, to verify their skill and expertise as well as their education and industry knowledge.

Internal Checks

Quality Labor Services ensures that staff members are matched to the right companies, based on key profile indicators and our proprietary evaluation system.

When Do You Need Industrial Staff?

Every company’s needs are different.

  • Some have seasonal demands that require them to bring on extra temporary workers.
  • Some have to replace workers on long-time medical or personal leaves.
  • Some need part-time help or last-minute substitute workers.
  • And some simply need additional staff but don’t want the hassles of recruitment, interviewing, training or payroll/benefit administration.

For any industrial position, and for any of those reasons, Quality has you covered.

Brake Press Operator
CNC Operator & Programmer
Die Setter
Electronic Assembler
Inventory Specialist
Machine Operator
Shipping and Receiving
Quality Assurance
Project Manager
Warehouse Supervisor
And More

Become a Certified Forklift Operator

Quality provides on-site forklift certification. Training is conducted by an OSHA Certified Trainer with 10+ years experience.

Add a Quality Manager

Our value-added program benefits include a Dedicated On-Site Manager. The on-site manager is capable of taking care of all employee issues, including interviewing, managing, training, scheduling, discipline, performance, safety and risk management.

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