Why Quality Labor Services

We have built Quality Labor Services to challenge this status quo and to change the way that industrial and hospitality staff are managed and delivered.

Quality Labor Services recruits, screens and tests the skills of talented people for your staffing positions, with the understanding that the number one thing you are looking for is quality—be it quality candidates, quality service and a company that delivers this quality consistently.

All staff are tailored to your company.

Quality automatically assigns the right staff to your hotel and your positions.

Certified, trained and ready to work.

Quality goes on to certify candidates is capable of furthering training based on your exact hospitality staffing needs.

Only the best staff for your company.

All Quality candidates are rigorously vetted and only the best-of-the-best are made available to your company.

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Interview Tips For Blue-Collar Workers

There are tons of articles in magazines and online giving sage advice to people about to go on a job interview. Most go into plenty of detail on the right way to answer questions about “your long-term vision” and “experiences which have shaped your professional outlook,” and discuss the right type of suit to wear to a big interview.

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Interview Tips For Forklift Drivers

You might think that interviewing for a forklift driver position should really consist of showing up, climbing in and moving some pallets to demonstrate your abilities. There’s a lot more involved, though. Managers don’t just want to know if you can operate a forklift before they hire you; they also want to know how well you’ll get along with others, how honest and reliable you are, and whether you’ll be an asset or a liability to their workforce. So before you’re hired, you’ll first have to go through a “standard” job interview. Here are our interview tips for forklift drivers, to help you can get through the process without an accident.

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Evaluating Temp Agencies in Chicago

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 431,000 people are employed in the leisure and hospitality industry in the Chicago area. Not all of them work in Chicagoland hotels, of course. But with more than 700 hotels in the region, it’s safe to assume that a huge percentage of those 431,000 employees are hotel workers.

How do hotels find qualified people for all of those positions? There are three common approaches ranging from “do-it-yourself” at one extreme, to using specialized hospitality staffing agencies in Chicago at the other.

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The Challenges Of Staffing A Hotel

Full- and Part-Time Hospitality Staffing Solutions: Most people are familiar with what staffing agencies do. They recruit, screen and hire employees for their client companies, and send the workers to the clients’ workplaces to function as regular staff members even though they’re actually employed and paid by the hospitality temp agencies.

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Labor Temps Chicago: A Perfect Solution For Employers And Workers

For decades, they have been forced either to maintain a pool of seasonal or part-time workers, or to rely on any available staffing agencies in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta or wherever they happen to be based. Neither approach is optimal, since administering a part-time workforce is time- and labor-intensive, while staffing agencies are often unable to supply the required number or quality of employees when they’re needed most.

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Windy City Tourism Boom Fuels Top Staffing Agencies Chicago

Filling so many jobs so quickly is a difficult task, one which most hotels would be hard-pressed to accomplish without help. Some management teams call on all-purpose Chicago staffing agencies to find employees for their hotels – but the smart ones use a “next generation” solution: hospitality staffing agencies.

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